Mquest Software’s Intranet-as-a-service offering, The HUB, is the next-generation (cloud and on premise) employee engagement platform that helps you replace your conventional intranet with a state of the art, fully configurable & social intranet – a platform where your employees can innovate, network, collaborate, converse and engage.


The previous era faced the following challenges on the inside and outside dimensions such as

  • Static Content
  • Very focused on task and project information
  • Non intuitive designs
  • Painful search experience
  • Not geared towards social collaboration
  • Being a set of disintegrated systems
  • Intranet Infrastructure that didn’t exist or scale to allow a geo-distributed force to collaborate in real time.

The Intranet paradigm has moved to institutionalize sustained user adoption to usher in a cultural change and produce an engaged workforce.

Mquest Software’s next generation enterprise social collaboration platform – The Hub, creates a seamless, engaging and personalized experience that makes users feel welcome, encourages them to contribute freely, enables them find / access what they need and allows them to stay informed, regardless of where or how they do it.

The HUB augments

The SharePoint 2016 Online & App model by providing the following features

Seamless Enterprise Social and Collaboration

  • Single Sign on into all apps including my sites and yammer
  • Tight integration with Yammer throughout the portal and communities implemented using yammer, in line with Microsoft’s strategy
  • External Social media integration with ability for end user to configure feeds that he/she wants to subscribe to
  • Social features such as comments, likes, share weaved into the entire fabric of the intranet
  • Easy and intuitive methods to create new collaboration spaces, be it team sites, project sites, community sites, department sites with simple request processes.
  • Enhanced my profile – with sections for ask me about, my contacts and my communities
  • Ask the expert, FAQ, my contacts, people directory etc. act as key components for internal knowledge sharing

Smart Mobility

Optimized performance on mobile devices using content priority based repositioning with ability to load rich content on demand.

Powerful Search experience

  • Enterprise Employee Directory to provide fast, reliable and relevant people search
  • Smart search engine with configurable scope definitions for improved relevancy of results
  • Customized filters and verticals for increased findability
  • What’s trending feature to help understand popular search trends
  • Easily extensible to integrate with existing systems

Intuitive Modern UI Design & Layout

  • Functional footer with designated sections for FAQs, About us, general information apps, feedback links etc.
  • Enhanced navigation using megamenus to effectively expose subcategories and key content areas
  • Compatible with different browsers
  • A standard set of templates and styles that ensure consistency
  • Relevant, structured, easy to find and easy to discuss

Insightful Personalization

  • Easy customization / personalization of themes and colors to align with company branding guidelines, tone and personality enhancing your company’s brand recall
  • Content – Page layout, feature-set customizable according to users’ wish.
  • Completely customizable and persistent Quick Links fly in throughout the entire site
  • Ability to surface targeted content via #hashtags to individuals/groups based on location, department/business area, employee designation/role

Dynamic Content Management

  • Content lifecycle management
  • Configurable Governance strategies to ensure effective organization of information, active engagement with content and weeding out of stale / irrelevant content
  • Knowledge base
  • Configurable publishing model to make it either centralized or decentralized with support for multi-level approval workflows.


  • Special focus on managing news with new specifically defined news types such as notices, staff, press releases, events, videos etc and ability to automatically move old news to archives
  • Intelligent news engine to show related news, articles by same author etc. to encourage users to explore additional targeted content
  • Unparalleled reading experience with non-intrusive controls
  • Separate Video gallery and Photo gallery with featured, most popular section etc.